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Author, Linda L. Rigsbee
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by Linda L. Rigsbee
The Frog In The Bog
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
​    Polliwogs play and grow in this short lyrical tale about the metamorphosis of a tadpole into a frog. As the days pass, the polliwogs change, growing legs and losing their tails. There may be some changes that the reader never knew. Some of the changes they go through are scary, even though they are for the best.

Our Alphabetical Farm
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
    Humorous lyrics, the flavor of country and the opportunity to learn the alphabet “country style” – what more could you want? How about the opportunity to color? This 2017 version of the 1984 children’s book “Our Alphabetical Farm” makes learning the alphabet even more fun. Author Linda L. Rigsbee has modified her children’s book by drawing farm animals and publishing it in coloring book format.
Roly Poly & The Ant
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
    What do you do when a friend keeps getting you into trouble?
Roly Poly wants to be a good friend and help Ant, but being with Ant is more scary than fun. Ant is always doing dangerous things that get them both in trouble. What can Roly Poly do?​
How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
    Floppy-eared Ezekiel Bunny hops from one friend to another in a quest to find happiness for everyone. During his journey, he discovers what Easter is really about. This fictional tale offers a way that colored eggs could have become a symbol of Easter.
These books are intended to be read to your children ages 3-7.
The Turtle Reunion
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
    When the turtles have a reunion, family members gather from all over the world. Terrapins, turtles, tortoises - all members of the chelonian family gather at a reunion on the beach. What a great time to learn about turtles - and family reunions, for that matter!
The S Word
Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee
    Sometimes we are so afraid of something, that the mere mention of the word gives us the willies: snakes, spiders. Those are unmentionable “S” words. Sammy is a sad spider because all the children at school are afraid of him.
  When one special student takes his side, there is hope for a change.
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