Our Alphabetical Farm
Copyright 2016 - Linda L. Rigsbee
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Written and illustrated by author Linda L. Rigsbee. This book is available as a coloring book. "Learning The Alphabet, Country Style."

Is for animals
That live on our farm.
We water and feed them
and keep them from harm.


Is for birds
that fly so high.
It’s hard to see them
up there in the sky!


is for Chickens
that love to eat corn.
They squawk and fly up
when you honk a horn!


is for dog.
His name is Jim.
Jim chases sticks
that I throw for him.


is for eggs
we gather each day
from the chickens that lay
them in the fresh hay.


is for fox,
that lives in the ground.
It watches the hens
when no one is around.


is for goats,
we feed every night.
They jump the fence,
and that isn’t right.


is for hawk,
that flies over the chickens,
who often get scared
and run like the dickens.


is for insects
that sometimes bite.
The bumps they leave
are an awful sight!


is for jackrabbits
that live in the hills.
They jump in the garden
and eat the green dill.


is for kitten
that Grandma found.
It keeps the mice
from hanging around.


is for lizard,
that lives in the woodpile.
Its pretty striped skin
is always in style.


is for Molly,
the farm nanny.
Don’t look for spots,
because she hasn’t any.


is for nap,
about mid-day.
Then, after nap
it’s time to play!


is for owl,
that hoots from the trees.
It comes out at night
when no one sees.


is for pig,
who has a curly tail.
He roots in the garden
And eats Mama’s kale.


is for Quail
that burst from the grass
and fly in the air
when Jim runs past.


is for rabbits,
all different colors;
mamas and papas,
sisters and brothers.


is for snake,
that crawls in the rocks,
and makes a sound
that everyone mocks.


is for trees
and turtles too.
We don’t feed them
but they need love too.


is for up,
to the top of the hill,
then down in the wagon
and cry out shrill!


Is for vent
On top of the cellar.
When Mom is below,
you don’t have to beller.


is for water
that flows from the spring.
Birds gather around it
to chirp and sing.


is for x-mas,
which comes every year.
A birthday for Jesus
who tells us; don’t fear.


is for yoke
we put on Molly,
but it doesn’t keep her in,
by golly.


is for Zoo,
which has animals too,
but our farm is better.
It has me and you.

The coloring book has another full picture for each letter of the alphabet. It is available in 8.5" x 11" or 5.5" x 8.5" comb bound handcrafted format direct from the author and autographed, or in 8.5" x 11" glue bound format from Amazon. Click the purple button below to browse all formats and locations.
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