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Author, Linda L. Rigsbee
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Youth & Young Adult Books
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by Linda L. Rigsbee
Flash Fiction Stories - Free Online Reads

Protecting Taye
A flash fiction story about a character in the novella, "Drums Of The Makai." Hyee wants to protect her brother as he sets off on a hunt, but she doesn't know how.

Short Stories - Free Online Reads

A Christmas Scare
A nightmare turns into a vivid lesson for a young boy on Christmas morning.
A Scream in the night
When a city boy moves to the country with his parents, he expects to be bored, but he gets a surprise.
Cross That Bridge When You Get To It
A 13-year-old boy wants to look brave in front of his uncle, but he's terrified of heights and his Uncle wants him to walk across a bridge over a gorge.
The Goat Ate My Homework
Procrastination snares a school boy when he decides to have a little fun while his parents are away.
The Haunted House
Two pre-teen trick-or-treaters explore a forbidden old house. Is it actually haunted, or was what they saw merely it a trick?
My Friend, The Geek
A popular Jr. High School student is befriended by a geek. At first he avoids a friendship, but some people are special in different ways.
Mystery Of The Brass Hook
Two teen boys seek the truth to a myth about a peg-legged ghost. What they find strengthens their friendship.
No One Knows
The desire to be fashionable turns into an opportunity for a young girl to show gratitude to her mother.
Promise Not To Tell
There are some things that you should never promise not to tell.
The Sourpuss
When a pre-teen boy has only an old woman as a companion, he makes the best of it - and wins something special the process.
To Grandpa; From Christopher
10-year-old Christopher says he doesn't like goats, but his letters to Grandpa reveal a fickle heart.
Under The Palo Verde Tree
The desert doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment for its resident children, but it does offer an opportunity for compromise.
Where The Sage Grows Tall
A boring summer and active imaginations provide an opportunity for bonding between sisters.
Novellas and Chapter Books - Free Online Read until January 2020
Drums Of The Makai
  His father is the best Pyean hunter in their village, but when Taye finds his prey, he cannot kill it. He must find a way to be useful to his village, so when he fails to capture the matiki in the desert, he stalks it into the territory of the Zackets.
  Only when Taye is captured, does he begin to understand that life may have another use for him. Can he escape to fill his newest quest?
Moqui & The Kachina Doll
  Moqui wants to do the fun things that other Hopi girls of her age enjoy instead of boring things like grinding corn into meal. She is 10 summers old and her younger brother gets to go on hunts even though he is only 8 summers old.
  When a refugee Zuni family joins them, Moqui becomes friends with their daughter. Hanovi is older than Moqui and she gets to do fun things. Fun things include responsibilities she has never faced, and sacrifices she may not be willing to make.
  An authentic tale of growing up in the 1700’s in a Hopi Indian pueblo village.
What Does Cockadoodle Do?
  Hi. My name is Kellogg and yes, I’m a bit cocky, but what can you expect from a young rooster? I was pretty much minding my own business one day when I was suddenly dragged kicking and squawking from my home and tossed in with a bunch of seasoned hens. Here I was, not much more than a young chick myself and I was expected to take charge. It’s a good thing I paid attention to Ma and Pa, because I had my job cut out for me as flock rooster. I never did anything half way in my life, but I had no idea what was about to hit me.
 Let me tell you what a flock rooster really does all day.
Non-Fiction Books - Free Online Read 
Butterfly Or Moth? How to Tell The Difference - Non-Fiction
That beautiful butterfly fluttering around your flowers might actually be a moth. Although they are both members of the Lepidoptera family, there are identifiable differences.
This booklet explains how to determine the difference between butterflies and moths, as well as some interesting facts about different species.
Youth & Children's Books
Giraffe Facts: A young adult literary coloring book that delivers some interesting and surprising information about giraffes.